News Updates 04-04-2019: Crushing Report


Marathwada region in Maharashtra State is under drought condition due to natural geographical condition & law rain fall. As the basic resources like water, electricity, roads, rail etc facility for transpiration were not up to the requirement for development of agriculture and industrial growth. Co-operative sugar industry is a prime need of rural developments and growth as this region was backward in industrial & agricultural development there was no question of development of human society.

Taking into consideration the well-being and basic development of industrially backward region of Marathwada and specially Latur district, Hon. Shri Vilasraoji Deshmukh, Ex-Chief Minister, Maharashtra taken a lead to establish a co-operative sugar factory which is great turning point.

Manjara Sugar factory is responsible to proved all essential requirement of human being by availing direct benefit of finished product (sugar) to the owner of the industry that are the poor farmers who are involve in growing sugar cane. Factory has providing various incentive schemes for cane development, Natural manure in terms of compost, seeding, insecticide doase guide lines & various technical information to farmer. Factory is efficiently running with all modern technique in process, management of saving of water, electricity & controlling losses, getting quality final product sugar and by product in market to achieve attractive rates. Hence factory is in tax paying units list.

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