News Updates 04-04-2019: Crushing Report

Vision and Mission

Sugar industry is basically related with agriculture which is mostly in rural area in India. Co-operative sugar factory has all its members are mostly sugar cane growers.   The prime vision of the factory is to achieve green revolution for development of rural lie and for growth of rural India.

Main leaders has vision to achieve basic development of industrially back ward region specially Latur District by means of establishing Co-operative sugar factory. As Co-operative sugar factories members are the poor farmers who can get the direct benefits of finished product as sugar which produced on their raw material ‘sugar cane’.

Management of factory has good vision to provide maximum possible cane price to farmer and attractive bonus to worker along with regular & comparable salary.

Management have also positive vision in environment pollution control by adopting  modern & result oriented effluent treatment plant for water pollution & adequate units for air pollution to secure lie of living things, as well as plantation of trees to keep balance of oxygen.

Management has social vision by providing educational facilities, prizes for best student. Factory is also responsible to provide employment directly indirectly up to 5000 worker/labours.

Mission /Objective

In Marathwada region especially as Latur District, which have low rainfall due to natural & geographical disorder so it comes under drought zone.  In Latur district there were  no big rivers or reservoirs, dams hence scarcity of water & electricity for industrial development. And hence formers were very backward in agriculture and employment which causes no big market no transpiration facilities like  road, rail or  Air  for business in Latur District.

The Son of farmer of  Latur  Hon. Shri  Vilasraoji Deshmukh, who started his political life from Sarpanch up to Chief Minister & at present  Central Minister. He has took mission in hand to develop the rural as well as urban areas of Latur District and fortunately specially Latur District   is utilizing almost facility of developed State.

Out of many plant, schemes, ideas, projects the great leader has decided to start Co-Operative sugar factory as a Manjara Co-Operative Sugar Factory.  The leader is Founder Chairman of this factory, he himself & Board of Director have very effective mission to develop rural area in industrial, educational, social, environmental field and avail employment facilities.

There are small water barrages on river to store water has planned & established there are various road, transport, air, railway facilities are established one by one for efficient development of district.

There are some important mission /objective of the sugar factory as bellows. 
1) To start the sugar factory and complete its erection commissioning within a shortest time span of one year.

2) Own sugar cane growers (Member) sufficient sugar cane for running sugar factory with maximum capacity.

3) For Water resources scarcity, minimum water for plant by various systems like drip, sprinkler system at farms. And reuse     of cane water for running sugar factory.

4) High yield & maximum sugar recovery cane variety plantation as per the soil testing report.

5) Proper plantation dates & harvesting programmes to achieve better yield & recovery.

6) Professional management for efficient, economic, time & quality of products.

7) Technical & business effective efficiency orienting planning & achievement.

8) Financial discipline is strictly adopted to run the plant without any financial deficiency.

9) Computerization in all type of work.

10) Maximum tree plantation & site development.

11) Human resources development thought education & employment.

12) Maximum cane price to cane growers.

13) Attractive salary & bonus to workers.

14) Healthy & social atmosphere among staff & Management.

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